Thursday, August 4, 2011

The luck charms that help us make good radio :P

Chris Brookes is known for making really good radio. And recently the website featured his "Secret Ingredients to Great Features." We found his number two secret to ring true here at ATMI! He says that when he's producing he likes to have a talisman around. Talisman is basically an object that brings good luck.

"So my house is littered with 'feature talismans' – objects that once had power, but now are just meaningless objects. The features have the power now. Or perhaps it is just my ego that likes to flirt with this belief. It could be, as my wife says, that I just mess up the house with junk," Brookes wrote.

Is there something to it?! Maybe we owe the dogs, dinosaurs, Mickey Mouses and baby Buddahs of the ATMI studio a little credit?!

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